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SEH America Affiliates in the Shin-Etsu Group


PVC     Synthetic Quartz
ShinTech     Shin-Etsu Quartz Products, Ltd.
Houston, TX  (713) 965-0713      
http://www.shintechinc.com     http://www.sqp.co.jp/e/
Silicones     Rare Earth Magnets
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America     Shin-Etsu Magnetics, Inc.
Akron, OH  (800) 544-1754     San Jose, CA  (408) 383-9240
      Lombard, IL  (630) 424-3364
http://www.shinetsusilicones.com     http://www.shinetsumagnetics.com/
Photoresists     Compound Semiconductors
Shin-Etsu Microsi     SEH Japan
Phoenix, AZ  (480) 893-8898      
http://www.microsi.com     http://www.shinetsu.co.jp/e/product/led.shtml