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What is ISO?
We embrace the integration of computing technology with business processes to provide strategic advantage across the enterprise and around the globe. The potential benefits to both us and our customers are significant:

  • Opportunities to lower transaction costs and reduce cycle times.
  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness in interdependent processes.
  • Provide improvements in customer responsiveness and organizational agility.
  • Improve communication and collaboration across the extended enterprise.

To attain these benefits we have invested our resources in both process and infrastructure to support increased automation, self-service, communication, and collaboration capabilities internally, among affiliates, and with interested customers. We consider the continued evolution of these capabilities as critical business imperatives for the current and future business environment of high tech manufacturing.

Continued success mandates not only the continued evolution of these capabilities with current partners but also the development of new capabilities and new partnerships. Collaboration environments, employee and customer portals, and e-commerce are some of the key areas of development and implementation.

SEH America is not content to stand still – we are eager to work with our customers and partners to build solid eBusiness capabilities to meet the changing needs of our shared business. If you have any questions or comments please contact your SEH-A sales representative or SEH-A Purchasing contact – we look forward to developing capabilities for our shared business needs.

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