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SEH has a long history of SOI production. Our SOI facility in Nagano was established in 1988, and a new facility was built in 1997 to provide adequate capacity to support semiconductor customers and the developing micro-technology industry through at least 2010. SEH has the world's largest capacity for production of thick bonded SOI wafers, and we currently supply more than 50% of the SOI wafers used for semiconductor, MEMS, and MOEMS applications.

SEH's bonding and polishing process is similar to that being used by several other SOI manufacturers, but SEH has designed and developed it's own fabrication equipment that can produce the highest quality wafers for even the most demanding applications. SEH thick bonded SOI wafers feature a 0.8 mm edge terrace width that increases the chip yield on a wafer by up to 5% for a 5mm x 5 mm device.

A large inventory of finished SOI products is always available for customers who have an immediate need for research and development material, but our real strength lies in our ability to custom design SOI wafers for any customers needs. SEH's expertise as a manufacturer of low defect, annealed, or high resistivity crystal means that we can produce SOI wafers built with crystal that is also custom designed for the customer's application.

Optional ion implanted buried layers and the capability to manufacture multiple active layer structures make SEH the obvious choice for anyone looking for the latest technology and highest quality SOI wafers.

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SOI for MEMS applications